Specialties; parodontology, gum correction, aesthetic dentistry

My specialties are the periodontal diseases, the gum correction treatments and the aesthetic dentistry (including the porcelain crowns). I have been working at the VitalCenter since 2010.

Periodontology is the first step in every treatment, but unfortunately people do not know a lot about it. The reason for this is that they are not aware of the symptoms and dangers of periodontal diseases or a gingival recession for example. This is problematic, because these diseases can appear at any age, and are fairly common nowadays. We can find warning signs for dental issues for almost any patient. These are usually the result of a poor dental hygiene, or the lack of regular deep cleaning, including plaque removal. Because of this, I put a huge emphasis on informing and educating my patients, so that they can understand the importance of prevention, rather than having a highly invasive and expensive treatment later on.

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